Welcome to the online booking system

Residential users please select CREATE BOOKING from the top menu
Commercial users should logon using their USERNAME and PASSWORD

An appointment must be booked if:

  • you are a resident who will be driving a liveried car, a van, a pickup or intend to pull a trailer (maximum 3m in length)
  • you hold a commercial recyclate permit

Booking details:

  • Appointments are 20 minutes long
  • Appointments are restricted to 3 per day for a single user
  • Residents must provide proof of ID when accessing site i.e. a current driving licence, Council Tax bill,
    utility bill or van/car hire papers
  • Weekend access is for residential use only
  • Commercial access is only available on weekdays plus late nights opening (summer hours at Western Road)

All wastes brought to the Recycling Centres remain subject to a visual inspection by Site Attendants with East Ayrshire Council reserving the right to undertake investigations regarding the provenance of any wastes presented and to restrict access to its sites if false or inaccurate information is provided.

Please contact Waste Management Services(weekdays) on 01563 554033 or the Risk Management Centre(weekends) on 0345 724 0000 if experiencing problems making appointments

Data Protection

The booking system will ask you for your contact details, address and vehicle registration number. This information is required to process your booking and to verify you are utilising the recycling facility for domestic purposes only and not as a commercial trader. Commercial access is provided via the pre-purchase of a commercial recycling permit. The information will be held securely by the Council in accordance with Data Protection legislation and will be retained for the minimum period necessary to complete your booking and to allow us to determine any inappropriate use of the facility. At the end of this period your information will be securely destroyed. For further information on our legal basis for processing information and your rights in terms of Data Protection legislation, please visit our website: East Ayrshire Council Website